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Featured Childminder "Elleni" Founder

"We love Elleni. M is so very happy there and we're so proud of her progess and how well she seems to be doing with such careful, kind and gentle encouragement" 

                                             A, S -Child (19 months)

"The activities and learning environment have undoubtedly been a major factor in his quick development in many areas, especially language and numeracy" 

                                                       K, D - Child (20 months)

"I's development has been wonderful, Elleni's work with her has helped I develop her skill. She's now able to count to 10 in German" 

                                                      R, E -Child (2yr 11months)

Mar by sandtray.jpg

"Having joined the setting at a young age (6 months), we couldn’t be happier with his progress and development"                                                                                                              C ,Z - Child (14 months)

xav smile.jpg

"Elleni is fantastic and we’ve seen a massive development in X ever since he joined. He’s very happy in this setting and loves Elleni and his friends there. We are especially impressed with the daily feedback we get from an app" 

                                                                                         J, J -Child (20 months)

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